Jenny B

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Jenny B (real name Giovanna Bersola) was born in Catania, Sicily and became well known in Italy then throughout Europe as the vocalist for the Italian Eurodance group Playahitty on hits, such as “The Summer Is Magic”. She was also the vocalist for the first hit of the Eurodance project Corona, “The Rhythm Of The Night”. Jenny performed regularly on television in Italy.

In 2000 she won the best female vocalist award and the press and critics award at the San Remo festival and in 2013 won the Award ‘Coltellino s’Oro’, the highest award of the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano.

After a move to New York where she performed with a variety of jazz and funk bans, Jenny took time out from her singing career to travel through the Pacific Islands, and in 2015 decided to settle in Auckland, where Trevor Thwaites heard word of her talent and coaxed her back into the limelight with performances at the Auckland Jazz & Blues Club.

In 2017 Jenny established a new business to assist established and emerging artists to improve their presentation and presence, and run Stage Presence classes and programmes for people who aspire to become great performers.

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