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Our repertoire of over 500 charts encompasses a very wide range of big band charts from the 1930s to the present day. The full list further down this page includes plenty of:

Natalie Cole
Tommy Dorsey
Ballroom Dance Music
Bebop Jazz

Nat King Cole
Glen Miller
Count Basie

Swing Dance Music
Latin Jazz
Rock n’ Roll
Duke Ellington
Bobby Darin

Frank Sinatra
Great American Songbook
Ella Fitzgerald
Blues Brothers
PBB Originals

Audio files of Prohibition Big Band playing live:

N.B. These 4MB to 6MB mp3s may take time to load. They can be left playing while you check out the rest of the site.

Jump Jive and Wail (instrumental)
Play Audio Jump Jive and Wail

Fly Me To The Moon (featuring John McGill)
Play Audio Fly Me To The Moon

Angel Eyes mp3 (featuring Jennifer Eirena)
Play Audio Angel Eyes

Come Fly With Me mp3 (featuring John McGill)
Play Audio Come Fly With Me

Shiny Stockings mp3 (instrumental)
Play Audio Shiny Stockings

Orange Coloured Sky YouTube Clip (featuring Madison Cooper)
video Orange Coloured Sky

Fly Me To The Moon was recorded by Stephen Galvin during a rehearsal at the University of Auckland in September 2011. Angel Eyes and Come Fly With Me were recorded by sound engineer Tony McMaster at the Rakino Island Jazz & Art Picnic, Easter 2009, with the band line-up as per the relevant photograph in the gig gallery. Shiny Stockings and Orange Coloured Sky were recorded during concerts at the University of Auckland in 2008 and 2010 respectively.

Prohibition Big Band Repertoire

If you’d like to check out our current repertoire of more than 500 charts, feel free to keep scrolling. The vocal chart names are below the instrumental ones. The alphabetical list and charts names on the right will probably be more useful than the numerical version of the same list or the chart numbers (although if you ever front up to the band and request a song, the number would be most useful)!

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